ishra blackwolf

ishra blackwolf

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This part here is the QnA extension to the main part of my Carrd. It will probably answer your questions in case you're curious.

the real deal q-n-a

  • Where are you really from? The Pacific Northwest part of the United States. Originally from Oregon.

  • Are you full Indian or half? I'm quarter Indian... Indofijian more specifically. It means I'm mixed blood.

  • Do you know or understand Hindi? As my granddad would easily confirm this due to me struggling with grasping onto it (Fijian version of Hindi) for a real long time since I was a really little girl, not much. I'm the worst Hindi speaker in my own family.

  • Have been around with anybody that are woke? Yeah. During when Tumblr was really a big thing. Unlearning anything that's woke in general is pretty tough.

  • What is with the picture of someone's head? This is from the first volume of the You Don't Know Jack game, which is a trivia game.

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